Here at Cake Crumbs, we want to share our love of cake and our variety of sweet and savory fresh-baked items with everyone!


As Cake Crumbs turns 5 years old and approaches its four-year anniversary in the Park Hill neighborhood, we keep growing and expanding. We’ve gotten the hint: other people like cake too! We are grateful to serve customers all along the Front Range, from Fort Collins to Castle Rock and everywhere in between. We’ve also become an essential place that Park Hill residents gravitate toward - and not just for our sweet treats, but also for our delicious salads and sandwiches, free Wi-Fi, and our relaxed & family-friendly atmosphere.

At least one of the owners is usually around keeping watch and working hard at cultivating Cake Crumbs for all of Park Hill and the Denver Metro Area to enjoy! They also happily chat with customers about community happenings and share exciting news about our shop.

We’re serious about cake and serious about making customers happy! We have a genuine customer service focus and every Cake Crumbs employee is happy to listen to customer feedback and suggestions - this feedback that helps us continually grow and improve. We appreciate being able to answer questions and knowing how to better serve our customers and are willing to go the extra mile to create a customer’s cake vision.

Although we’re excited to keep expanding our menus to include a variety of savory items, we don’t lose sight of the core of Cake Crumbs: from-scratch baking, rooted in family recipes, balancing standard favorites with updated new and eclectic flavors and styles.


Baking and decorating are both scientific in nature and visionary art forms. That’s why we value our creative employees who possess a wide range of skills, attributes and life experiences that help us keep creating delicious treats for our customers. We take pride in our work and enjoy balancing being focused & professional with being quirky & playful.

So, amidst our stellar customer service focus and production of tasty treats, you just might catch us singing or dancing and definitely laughing and having fun! Come in, say hello and check us out - satisfy your sweet craving or a lunchtime hunger or order a celebratory cake. We welcome new faces and enjoy getting to know our ‘regulars’ even better!

Here at Cake Crumbs, we love cake - don’t you?



Flavors Offered every day:
Vanilla/Vanilla, Vanilla/Chocolate, Chocolate/Vanilla, Chocolate/Chocolate, Lemon, Red Velvet.

Specialty Flavor Calendar

Sunday - Pistachio and Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip
Monday - Snowball and Blueberry
Tuesday - Mocha and Strawberry-Lemonade
Wednesday - Carrot and Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip
Thursday - Snowball, Pistachio and Blueberry
Friday - Elvis Bacon, Mocha and Strawberry-Lemonade
Saturday - Maple Bacon, Carrot and Orange Tang


  • Metro CareRing is our nonprofit partner, here is their information:

    1100 East 18th Avenue Denver,
    CO 80218


    2216 Kearney Street - Denver, CO 80207 (303) 861.4912
    Monday - Saturday: 6am - 6pm Sunday: 7am - 4pm
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